The Deckshield Network - An Overview

The Professional Deck Care Network is designed to provide homeowners with qualified, legitimate contractors who are capable of providing high quality service at competitive prices.  After all, that is what any "customer" expects.  To become a Certified Member of the Deckshield Professional Deck Care  Network, your company MUST present us with a valid business license and proof of business insurance.  Additionally, a Deckshield Regional Director must certify that your work meets the Network Specifications.    Contact Mark Abbott for more information on the confirmation process -

Once your firm has been approved as a Certified Member, you are all set to take advantage of the numerous benefits available to all of our member organizations.  The Deckshield Network Membership Benefits Package is described in detail on this page.

As the Network grows, so too does the array of benefits we all have access to.  Even more importantly, we can all benefit from sharing information about issues that we all face daily.   The fact is, this is the first Deck Maintenance Organization of it’s kind that will band us all together for mutual benefit and the sky is the limit as to what we can accomplish together! 

We hope you will take advantage of the 2015 Membership Drive rate of only $99 and get involved today!  It’s a very small financial investment to make yet the benefits could be tremendous!