Deckshield is a Full Service Deck Maintenance Company!

No matter how diligent you are with maintaining your deck, mother nature is simply too strong and will eventually win the battle!  Consistent maintenance keeps your deck functioning safely and allows you to enjoy it for many, many years but in time, you will notice boards that become warped, split or splintered.  Folks ask us all the time if these boards can be sanded but in most cases, the best option is simply to replace them.  

If you are concerned with damaged wood, let us know.  We can include repair work with your general maintenance estimate.  Or, if you are interested in over-hauling your deck, say removing all pressure treated decking and installing a plastic, vinyl or pvc based product, we can handle that as well!  

Whatever maintenance issues your deck has, Deckshield is the only company you need to contact!