Membership Programs and Rates

The Professional Deck Care Network, "The Network", offers 2 different membership programs to contractors:

1)  Network Member - If your company is only interested in obtaining a listing on our site along with access to the member pages, this is the way to go.  Starting in July of 2015,  the Network Member rate is only $99 which provides you with membership for 6 months!  

2)  Network Exclusive Member - An exclusive membership designates your company as the only Network Organization in a specific county.  Quite simply, the Network will not accept any other organizations other than yours in the county of your choice.  The Exclusive Member Rate is $299 annually. By joining now,  your company will enjoy membership until December 31st, 2016! 

Worst case, this program is purely a marketing piece for your company and relatively speaking, it is actually a cheap one!  Best case, your company will take the information we provide and use it to grow and create additional ways to increase volume.  At the end of the day, it is all about revenue and all of us constantly need to assess the direction our business is going or we will fall behind.  

Let’s make the future profitable together! 

Ready to Join?  Contact Mark Abbott at to discuss what works best for your business.  

We look forward to working with you!