General FAQ's

General FAQ's
Q - What is the difference between Clear Sealant and Cedar Tone?
A - Clear sealant has NO pigment at all.  It is clear like water.  Cedar Tone is a UV sealant that has a natural wood tone to it.  Clear Sealant allows the deck to turn grey and Cedar Tone simply lightens over time and prevents greying that is caused by the sun.
Q - How long do the sealant's last?
A - The term "last" needs to be defined to answer the question.  Clear Water Sealant will repel water for about 1 year yet will not provide any color retention properties.  Cedar Tone or another pigmented sealant will provide repellancy for at least 1 year and color retention for approximately 2 years.
Q - Why do some companies claim their sealants "last" for 3 - 5 years?
A - In many cases, products that claim to "last" for lengthy periods are referring to repellancy and not color retention.  The simple fact is the deck takes extreme abuse by weather and changing seasons.  After about 2 years, most sealants look dingy and dirty.  Mold and mildew will start to grow and the deck needs cleaning.  Once cleaning takes place, a fresh coat of sealant makes the deck look new again!
Q - How soon after the deck is built does it need to be sealed?
A - The day the deck is finished being built is the day trouble can start.  Rain, melting snow and even morning dew are absorbed by pressure treated wood making it swell.  When the sun hits the deck, the moisture rapidly evaporates and the wood shrinks.  This constant cycle of expanding and contracting causes the wood to warp, split and crack.  This is why a good water repellant should be applied immediately and a new application is recommended annually.
Q - What does a deck look like after professional cleaning?
A - The simple answer is the deck should look close to NEW!  Most of the discoloration on a deck like green, black and grey are caused by topical contaminants.  Agitating the surface of the deck with the appropriate pressure will quickly remove the discoloration and leave a new looking deck.
Q - Why is it more expensive to apply UV Sealant vs Clear?
A - UV sealants must be brushed on to insure an even finish.  Clear sealants can be sprayed with no back  brushing.  Not only is the application of a UV sealant more labor intensive but the sealant itself is more expensive to purchase. 
Q - Does Deckshield protect the house and surrounding area's?
A - YES!  We will make sure no sealant gets on your house or surrounding plants/bushes.