Exclusive Member Benefits Package

Once your Company has been approved as an Exclusive Member, you are all set to take advantage of the numerous benefits listed below which are available to all of our Exclusive Member organizations. 

The Exclusive Membership Benefits Package includes:

1)  A listing on the Certified Contractors section of our website.  Your company will be listed using your company name, your business phone number and even your own company website address.  You tell us how you want to be listed and we will do it. 

2)  Leads generated by the Deckshield website in your territory.  The public has access to the Certified Deckshield Contractor section of our website and by clicking on it, they will be able to view all of the certified contractors in every state - by county.  Your company will be listed as described above.

3)  Online training materials.  All Exclusive Members will recieve a passcode to view "member only" pages of the website.  These pages contain informative reports on an array of topics that most of us simply don’t have time to research on our own.  Additionally, we will encourage member companies to post information that will be beneficial to all of us on topics such as Marketing, Customer Tracking Software, etc...

4)  Online Monthly Deckshield Newsletter.  The deck maintenance/pressure washing industry is changing rapidly and it is difficult to keep up with all of the new products and equipment that are on the market.  The monthly newsletter will keep you up to date on these topics and connected to the ever changing deck care industry.  We will even interview folks in various industries like insurance and finance who will provide our members with tips on how to manage your company most efficiently.

5)  Online Technical Support. Our team of experts has been involved in the Deck Care industry since 1989 and we can cover almost every pressure washing/watersealing issue imagineable.  As contractors, no matter how hard we try issues always come up.  You are now only an email away from help.  If we can’t solve the issue ourselves, we will do our best to find the solution.

6)  Product discounts through various sealant manufacturing companies.   Quite simply, there are savings in volume and the larger our Network grows, the greater the potential for savings. 

7)  Discounts on "DECKSHIELD" gear.  We have produced several "Deckshield" logo’d items that are posted on the website such as pull overs and jackets.  These items will be available to our members at discounted prices.  Additionally, we can assist in getting your company logo’d items printed at a terrific rate!

8)  Professional Deck Care Network Administrative Package. The PDCN administrative package contains all of the documents you need to either enhance your existing deck restoration company or  to jump into business right away!  Items included in the admin package include copies of the Network Estimate Brochure, Job Tracking Documents and additional forms used in the daily management of your business. 

9)  Deckshield Deck Care Network Exclusive Marketing Material!  We are extremely proud of the marketing system we have developed.  Obtaining residential work is faster and more efficient using our method and all of our members have access to this cost effective system!

10)  Most importantly, your company earns additional Credibility over your competition.  Credibility is difficult to establish but associating yourself with an organization that is committed to excellence in Customer Service and Quality is a great step.