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As you all know, there is a ton of information on the internet regarding "proper" deck maintenance techniques.  As people are scrolling through the various topics that come up on the most poplular search engines, they often run across our site and send us questions/requests for service.  These requests come from all over the country and in fact, from all over the world!  In many cases, we try to track down contractors in these specific area’s who can offer professional help to these folks. 

The bottom line is we need more contractors in the network to handle the flow of potential customers that are contacting us.  This is a great problem to have and one that can potentially add sales to your company!  In order to join the network, you must provide us with a current copy of your insurance certificate and a copy of your business license.  These documents confirm that you are serious about developing your business and that is who we are looking for.  After all, the idea behind the network is we are all "partners" in developing standard deck maintenance practices that will guide the industry in the future.

The price to join the network is $99.  That price is a 6 month price.  Your company will obtain all of the benefits we provide for the membership fee which essentially covers the cost to develop and maintain the website as well as research/development on new products.

To obtain further information and to get started, please contact us today at

Please take a few minutes to browse through the membership details and decide if this network would be beneficial to your company - we hope so!